Google ads Grants For Nonprofits Organization

The Google Ad Grant is a free program in which Google allows eligible Nonprofit organizations a grant of $10,000 per month ($120k per year) in the form of free advertising on their advertisement platforms.



What are Google Ad grants?

The Google Ad Grant is a free program in which Google allows eligible Nonprofit organizations a grant of $10,000 per month ($120k per year) in the form of free advertising on their advertisement platforms. Many nonprofit organizations all over the world are eligible for Google grants for nonprofits if they successfully meet the requirements in compliance with the Google eligibility framework. The google grant on advertisements is generally powered by Google Search Ads and is a part of Google Ads only. If some user is searching for ads on Google, and the ads of your nonprofit organizations are relevant to the results, the campaign of your advertisement will pop on the top of the Google search results. With the increased search results, there will be more spectators, viewing your website and advertisement campaigns on a daily basis. This way we can allure dormant audiences, subscribers, and donors on a very wide scale. In order to successfully operate Google campaigns, there are some guidelines that limit the usage on the account and the advertisements can only be campaigned by a team of experts who can run these campaigns on a consistent and frequent basis.

The Google Ad Grant for non-profitable programs is serviceable only for nonprofit charitable organizations

The program offers:

  • $10,000 per month on Google Ads only if the organization is qualified for google grants for non-profitable programs. It will significantly support your organization to get in touch with unusually new spectators on a daily basis.
  • Organic search results that are bound to surface on the summit of Google search engine results.
  • Outright benefit in compliance with the strict set of guidelines. Therefore, our team is expertize in this demeanor because we are veritably appraised in sustaining compliance with every framework of regulations and guidelines.

Benefits Of The Google Ads Grant Program!

The grant can significantly help any nonprofit organization to convey its message on Google Search Engine Results. If there are more people viewing our campaigns brighter will be the prospects of alluring volunteers and donation services on an impressive scale.

Key Benefits

  • Engrossing more donations: The Google Ad Grant for nonprofits program expands the exposure to spectators and the audience on a wide segment. If more and more people are aware of the cause and services of the Nonprofit organization better will be the gratuity options for your services.
  • Employing more Volunteers: The campaigns will captivate the attention of individuals on a substantially massive scale. If we successfully launch campaigns, it will notably link more and more volunteers with our organization.
  • Sharing our Services: If there are more search results about our organization. There will be luminous prospects about sharing our stories and services with a population of diverse interests.

How can we help with the Google Grants Program?

Account Set-up

Our team of experts will support in gaining consent for participation in the program with google ad grants for nonprofits. The approval will essentially help us in inaugurating advertisements on the Google search engine. We will guide you through the entire process of setting up your account. Once we receive official approval from Google our team will formulate significant strategies in launching campaigns. These strategies will support the positioning of our campaigns on the peak of Google Search Engine results.

Monthly Optimization

Our team will out rightly help in setting up your campaigns. The process includes the formulation of brand new campaigns. We will help in adding keywords that are trending in relevance with the campaign. This way we can attract a wide spectrum of audience. Our team of experts will classify every practical method to reflect our cause on the summit of the Google search engine platform. We will work in absolute compliance with the guidelines so that we persist with the program perpetually.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The grant comes in the form of free advertising that nonprofit organizations can use to run Google Ads campaigns. Each day the organization receives free credits. The daily credit is $329, which totals roughly $10.000 per month. Because Ad Grant is not a cash grant, agencies cannot use it to pay fees. Due to the grant covering the entire expenditure, the nonprofit organization would only have to pay the agency fee when it runs campaigns with an agency.
Yes, they are absolutely worth it. With Google Ad Grants, nonprofit organizations are able to use search campaigns to promote their causes, brands, events, raise money, recruit volunteers, and much more without spending on advertisement. A daily budget of $329 is allotted for this program. It only offers search ads and has several requirements for advertisers, which might make campaign management complicated. Ad Grants are an extremely powerful tool if they are set up and managed correctly. They can be used either alone or in conjunction with other forms of marketing. Nonprofits can use this tool significantly to enhance their online presence.
To qualify for Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits, you must meet the following three requirements:
  • - There must be Google Ad Grants available in your country. See the list of countries here .
  • - Your organization must not be affiliated with a government program, an educational institution, child care facility, or a hospital/healthcare organization.
  • - Your organization must be legally registered as a nonprofit in your country. As a rule, tax-exempt organizations like churches must have 501c3 status in the US. Any other 501c designation does not qualify as tax-exempt.
  • - To qualify for this program, you must have a high-quality website. Moreover, your site must be hosted on its own domain (e.g. rather than
  • - If you want to use Google for Nonprofits or Google Ads, you must accept the terms of service.

Will Google Make An Exception For Us?

Google does not make exceptions to its policy. You could be eligible even if you think you aren't, since the three conditions listed above leave a lot of gray area. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about eligibility.

  • - Government entities and organizations.
  • - Some educational and healthcare organizations.
  • - The grants may be available to nonprofits involved in addiction and rehab, but the ads will need to be reviewed thoroughly by Google before they appear. The wording of the ads will need to be precise and calculated in order to yield results.

You can begin the Google Ad Grants application process after you confirm your nonprofit's eligibility.

Yes. For all Google Ad Grant activities including Google for Nonprofits, the same email must be used. It's always possible to add more email addresses, but losing access to the primary address may cause delays. Therefore, it is important to use an email account that multiple team members can access
There are many different reasons why an application may be rejected. The most common reason is that an organization does not meet the program's eligibility requirements. There is another problem with the AdWords account not being configured correctly. Follow the instructions on the Google Ad Grants Account Creation Guide to do so. As a result, by entrusting the program to someone who is familiar with it, the vast majority of rejections are avoided and is also the most efficient and inexpensive solution.
No, there are no fixed spend requirements.
Yes, the location targeting allows us to show ads to people in the specified areas. You can easily select cities, states, provinces, metro areas, countries, and regions of your choice. You have to be sure to maintain adherence to geo-targeting policy requirements while setting up location targeting for the campaigns.
Yes, the Google Ads reward relevancy. The small organizations that use location-specific keywords and targeting may show before large, national organizations. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, especially during critical times like year-end giving season, nonprofit organizations can invest in a standard Google Ads account to extend their reach among the potential audience.
Yes, we can run various campaigns at the same time for many different purposes. One specific campaign might advertise the causes and services. Other campaigns can be used to allure volunteers. Lastly, the campaigns will be dedicated to the summoning of fundraising.
Google Ads are keywords-based, text-only ads that appear in the search results of Google. Yes, there are options to include images, text, and videos.
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